[Solved] Sabnzbd cannot create download_dir folder

I have an external drive connected to my pi3 that I’d like to use to store my complete and incomplete downloads from sabnzbd, but when I try to set this up in the sab settings, I get this error:

Cannot create download_dir folder /mnt/store/dietpi_userdata

“store” is the name of my external drive. Any thoughts you may have on resolving this would be appreciated!

what does mount show
You might need to create a directory on the external mount then point the application to write to that directory

Thanks for your reply. I’ve attached the output from the mount command. I tried creating a downloads folder on store in my dietpi_userdata directory and pointed sab there, but still no love. I can browse store via the sab web interface, so it can at least read from that drive.

I appreciate any additional thoughts you might have!

I fixed it. You might be shocked to learn it was a permissions issue! :rofl: :roll_eyes: Thanks again for your reply!

Jep, on DietPi, downloaders and media software runs as their own users and dietpi group. If you set up custom download / media directories those should be owned by dietpi:dietpi with 775 permissions, so software can R/W to them. Downloads will then be created with the correct permissions, so that media software can grab them, sort into their on structure and such.