[Solved] RPi B+ : Cannot edit /boot/config.txt

Using DietPi 6.2, attempting to edit /boot/config.txt as root using nano, additions at the end of the file get truncated/removed on reboot. Is there a size limitation on the file or ???

Trying to append:

Disable the PWR LED.


from https://www.jeffgeerling.com/blogs/jeff-geerling/controlling-pwr-act-leds-raspberry-pi

but it does not take even though I exit and save the file and the saved file looks good. On reboot, the addition has vanished. Is there another way to disable pwr_led?

If you look at the start of the file you are trying to edit:

#Modifcations to /boot/* files, will not be saved when powered on.
#Please ensure you edit from the DietPi-RamDisk location /DietPi/*

So either edit /DietPi/config.txt

Or remove the SD card and edit /boot/config.txt with a Linux compatible text editor or WinSCP.


Thanks johnvick. I got into the bad habit of not looking at the first part of the file and just jumped to the place I wanted to edit. I also overlooked the dietpi-config selection of LED Control under Display Options. All happy now.