[Solved] Owncloud installation trouble

Hello, I’m amazed with DietPi, it works so good!
I’ve installed a lot of nice software, just with the “DietPi-Software”, so easy and quick, I love it!

But I have had a trouble with OwnCloud installation, I think because of my ignorance, maybe someone can help me :smiley:

I have connected from “the outside”, with my Mac using NOIP domain :smiley: and not from local network (I was not at home at that very moment).
I’ve created root user and a password, and then I clicked something wrong (maybe “Login”), not the “finishing the installation” button (I don’t know if this is the english name of the button, my installation is spanish), so I went into there and couldn’t configure what needed, as you can see in the Fourdee guide, https://dietpi.com/forum/t/dietpi-software-details-for-all-installation-options/22/1
that says…

The first time you connect:

  • Create your Admin account, type in a username and password (I just could do THIS)
  • Click Storage & Database or Advanced to expand the submenu.
  • Database type = MySQL
  • DataFolder = /var/lib/owncloud/data
  • Database User = root
  • Database Password = raspberry
  • Database Name = owncloud
  • Click Finish setup to complete the Owncloud setup

Do you know how I can create the database and so on? I don’t know if the wizard can be opened from somewhere, or how to do it manually,

Thank you very much,

Hi SkyFly,

The simplest way to return to the initial setup would be to reinstall owncloud. Run the following:

dietpi-uninstall OWNCLOUD
rm -R /var/www/owncloud

Then run dietpi-software and reselect Owncloud for installation:


There is proabably another method to resetting Owncloud back to its initital state, however, I’ve not tested it.: http://forums.openmediavault.org/index.php/Thread/3283-ownCloud-wrong-configured-can-I-reinstall/?postID=25250#post25250

Thank you very much, Fourdee.

I’ve done what you said, unistalling and re-installing it, it worked perfectly!

Thanks again, I love DietPI :smiley:

No worries. Great to hear good feedback :slight_smile: