[Solved] Keeping cloudprintd down

I’m trying to figure out service management in dietpi … specifically a safe way to permanently disable a service

Situation: I install Google Cloudprint services to get optimized version of CUPS installed - works great! BUT … I have no need for cloudprintd and would prefer that it never runs. I have been manually stopping the cloudprintd service after a boot, but would like to permanently disable the service so I don’t have to remember. I’ve tried disabling the service through dietpi-services and systemctl, but the rascal keeps coming back up! Is there a dietpi way?

any help would be appreciated

I’ll also toss in a request for standalone CUPS. I’d think others may want plain old print services.

Cloudprint is already there wink wink
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I think you can use dietpi-services to disable automatic startup

As for services…I think there is a discussion here

dietpi-launcher has alot of neat things you can do…I think one of them is to disable autostart apps that were installed/controlled by dietpi scripting rather than systemd

Thanks. I thought I’d tried most of these. dietpi-services seemed to do the trick. I stopped cloudprintd and disabled it via dietpi-services then rebooted and all was well - cloudprintd was gone and cups was still alive!

Just what I was looking for, thank you