SOLVED: Hyper-V VM networking

When I start the VM and log into DietPi, it reaches a screen that says in part ‘Destination Host Unreachable’. I can get to the DietPi-Config screen that allows adapter options and reports:
Ethernet: Available | [On] | Connected.
Change Mode: [STATIC]
Copy: Copy current address to “Static” (whatever that means)
Static IP: and an address that doesn’t show up in my router
Static Mask 255, etc
Static Gteway: the address of my router
Static DNS: the address of the PiHole.
LInk Speed Auto
Disable: Disable Ethernet Adapter
Apply: Apply changes, etc.

It sounds to me like it’s not getting through Hyper-V, but the HV adapter is set to External

Any suggestions?

switch to Change Mode: [DHCP] and check if you get an IP assigned from your local network

The IP must match the subnet of the router, e.g. if your router IP is, the VM IP must be 192.168.1.X with X variable, but of course not something assigned to another system in your network. Easiest is indeed to apply DHCP first (and “Apply” + check whether Internet connection is functional), then switch back to STATIC and use “Copy” to use exactly the IP and network info that the VM got assigned via DHCP first, so you are sure it is a free and working IP, correct network mask, gateway and working DNS nameserver (which you can also change, of course).

I have set the IPs as follows
StaticIP (after I switched DietPi to DHCP, found it on my router, assigned as static, and then switched the Diet Pi to Static.
Static Mask 255, 255,255,0
Static Gateway: the address of my router
Static DNS: the address of the PiHole.

I can ping xxxx.147 from my laptop, through the router, to the server PC