[Solved] How to update installed software?

I have recently set up two Raspis with Dietpi. The first one with DietPi_v6.16, the second one with DietPi_v6.17. Both have LAMP installed.

I had some issues getting the MariaDB SSL connection running with the first one. The second installation went strait forward and is working fine.
Today I updated Dietpi to 6.18. After that I wanted to check if my issues with the first one was due to the older YaSSL version and now disappeard.

Server version: 10.1.23-MariaDB-9+deb9u1 Raspbian 9.0
| version_ssl_library | YaSSL 2.4.2                    |

Raspi 2 has:

Server version: 10.1.23-MariaDB-9+deb9u1 Raspbian 9.0
| version_ssl_library | YaSSL 2.4.4                    |

I thought all software packages would be updated to the same level with a new dietpi version.
How can I update a single Dietpi-package to a new version?
Can I update the single components of a package like LAMP to only update the Database but not the SSL library?


Have you run any apt-get updates and upgrades yet?

This should update all packages to the latest packages in the repositories…

# apt update && apt upgrade -y

Gotta be root though

Hmm, not sure where YaSSL updates come from. MariaDB and OpenSSL are updated via APT, which is upgraded on dietpi-update as well.

I guess you did a reboot to have perhaps system internal links updated and such?

Will investigate.

Hi Micha, hi WarHawk,

Thanks for your support. I did the

apt update


apt list --upgradable

showed the update on MariaDB, so i did

apt upgrade

and a restart.
The YaSSL is now on 2.4.4. on both machines.

Have a good weekend.

Cool cool…just gotta be root, or use the sudo

Remember it is VERY dangerous to poke around a linux system as root if you don’t know what you are doing

Ah okay, strange that on your earlier post, both MariaDB instances showed the same package version string but different yaSSL versions. Good that it resolved itself now.

Root comes out of the box :sunglasses:
You are right, but to reduce access rights to the necessary level without knowing how to do it and then solving all kinds of issues due to missing access rights will leave most newbies with root and standard passwords.

@Micha: I guess I just restarted the MariaDB service, not the Raspi when I posted the result.
In the meantime I did a reboot.

Perhaps the reboot was required to reload the new yaSSL library, e.g. ldconfig would be otherwise the command to do so, but not 100% sure in this case, where library might be installed not system wide but included in MariaDB.