[Solved] How to mount an external HDD on Dietpi?

Hi everybody,
I’m quite new in the pi world (I already posted some issues I had :slight_smile: ).
Now I’m trying to mount a couple of HDD to create a small NAS with owncloud.
Can you tell me (using a mac) which is the best way to format them?
And also, can you give me the right command line to mount them properly?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


you can use dietpi-drive_manager to format and mount the drive. No need to do anything on your Mac

Thanks Joulinar
I formatted and mounted a couple of external drives with the


Now I faced a new issue. While the drive_Manager was executing, I lost connection with the pi. After reconnecting to it I try to launch again the drive_manager but it shows me

[FAILED] DietPi-Drive_Manager | Cancelled DietPi-Drive_Manager due to concurrent execution

How can I stop the execution or at least join again the Drive_manager?

Easiest might be to reboot your device

Done :wink:
Thanks again