[SOLVED] How to list installed packages, newest to oldest if possible?

As per topic title, since it seems:
sudo cat /var/log/dpkg.log
is not listing them.

sudo apt list --installed
sudo dpkg-query -l

are helpful but still, not sorting by newest, which is the goal here.

Any feedback is appreciated in advance.

Following shows up on a regular web search for recent updated packages

Maybe it helps on your challenge

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Thank you for your feedback. I know what happened: Log System : [DietPi-RAMlog #1]
So after reboot, no log so way to find it out. That’s why dpkg.log was empty

Thank you once more!

yes indeed, on a default configuration /var/log/ is a tmpfs :sweat_smile:

@Joulinar No issues at all! I value RAMlog so much! :+1: Thank you for excellent feedback and support to you and everyone involved in DietPi. Topic closed :lock: :smile:

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