[Solved]How to connect outside of dietpi network

Honestly, I don’t know.
I left the ssh yesterday morning when it was still waiting:

 Step: Installing SQLite: Persistent single-file database system

[ INFO ] DietPi-Software | APT install for: sqlite3, please wait...

But yesterday I had to shut down the pi (I moved it elsewhere), and I thought the installation was aborted or at least finished somehow…
Is it bad?

the screenshot shows what I see now.

pls can you run following

dietpi-software install 93

It asks me to Select Upstream DNS Provider. To use your own, select Custom.
I’m using noip.com, but I can’t find it in the list displayed.
Should I choose “custom”?

I guess there is a huge misunderstanding. Pihole has nothing to do with Noip or any other DDNS provider. It is an AdBlocker and DNS server. Noip and other DDNS provider are something completely different.

The idea was to use PiHole as internal DNS server inside your network to manipulate DNS resolution internally for your DDNS Noip address.

Ah! now I understand better… So in this case which is the right choice? “custom”?

You can use Quad9 or Cloudflare

Done :wink:.
Now it’s working. Again thanks to be so patient.
With my browser, I can connect with the pihole. The question now is: how to configure pihole for my purposes?

You can detect your external IP from some what_is_my_ip , sure.
Then you want to compare it with the one registered in the ddns. If they are the same there is no point to send an update.

What configuration possiblity you have on your router? Are you able to adjust DHCP server settings.

OK, entering the router I can choose between expert or basic user. Of course, I went with the expert user.
In the “internet” tab I find a left menu with:
IPv6 Firewall Rules
Gestione porte (Port management)
Host pubblico (DMZ) (Pubblic Host)
Host NAT statico (Host NAT static)
Impostazioni VPN (VPN settings)
Where do you think could be the DHCP settings? I ask because in none of the above menu I found something related to DCHP. Does it mean I have no possibilities to set DHCP?

what router you are using. Maybe we can find a manuell on the web

Vodafone station… I’m not sure if it is huawei
I’ll check later

something like this? https://www.vodafone.de/hilfe/router/station.html

Like this one:
Modem Router Vodafone Station Revolution https://www.amazon.it/dp/B06X6J6QBJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_YVA2X09FXR6HTGXBHJMQ

I found some youtube video about DHCP settings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqNEprXHoMY

Should be on impostazioni > ipv4

But I need to say my Italian is not that good :wink:

Joulinar your Italian is good enough because the topic he’s speaking about is exactly the DHCP settings… the problem is that, in my settings, the “Impostazioni/IPv4” page is completely blank… :thinking:
I’ll study a little bit to understand why and I come back to you.

OK, I found the right page where I can manage the DHCP.
Which kind of adjustment should I make to it?

I can see:
Network settings (these is the main settings so I assume are untouchable)
Server DHCP parameters (this is the home network and it gives me a range of IP addresses - from .2 to . 254)
DHCP static - home network (this is the only one without anything inside and where I could add something)
Do you have any suggestions?

do you have any possibility to adjust the DNS server that is going to be distributed via DHCP? Or do you have an option to disable DHCP completely?

In the “static DHCP - domestic network” section I can add some rules… But I’m not sure this is the right place.
Alternatively, in the “firewall” section I can:
Allow or not to ping the WAN interface
switch on or off the Ipv4 firewall
switch on or off the Ipv6 firewall
At this moment everything is “ON”

I’m really don’t know how to go on…

hmm challenge seems to be the router. There is no option to disable DHCP completely?