[Solved] hifibery amp2r

Is Dietpi can support the hifiberry amp2? I’ve enabled hifiberry-amp in audio options of dietpi-config but no sound. :thinking:

Lat Dior
RPi does not natively support a hifiberry-amp2 overlay, just hifiberry-amp. Not sure if the latter supports all versions, needs investigation.
Perhaps we can enable support by installing the required overlay from external source.

EDIT: Ah reading: https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/boards/hifiberry-amp2/

If the software you’re using doesn’t provide the Amp2 as an output option, you should use the HiFiBerry DAC+ driver as the Amp2 is basically a DAC+ with an integrated power stage.

Please try to select hifiberry-dacplus

If it works we will add AMP2 to the menu entry text.

Yes it works perfectly with this DAC plus driver. Sound is very loud so I changed the value Digital in alsamixer and stored it. Thanks for your help.

Okay thanks for reply. I added the info to the dietpi-config menu: