[SOLVED] Doubt: Change value of Transmission download-queue-size


Transmission settings are stored in


If I edit values…

    "download-queue-enabled": true,
    "download-queue-size": 2,

to show as…

    "download-queue-enabled": true,
    "download-queue-size": 10,

because I would like up to 10 files downloading at the same time and then restart transmission

systemctl restart transmission-daemon.service

the value is restored to

    "download-queue-size": 2,

As that value cannot be set from Transmission web interface either, what would be the correct way of editing it?

Thank you in advance

I guess Transmission stores changed settings to the file when stopping. Hence, for all settings that cannot be changed via web interface, you’d need to stop the service first, change the file, start the service.

Thank you! I should have known. Please, kindly tick the topic as solved so that it can help others.