[Solved] dietPi AutoSetup


I want to automatically install my raspi and so I am using the dietpi.txt to set the components to be installed.


Then I set AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=75 to install the LASP stack which will install the apache webserver

What happens if I set AUTO_SETUP_WEB_SERVER_INDEX=-2 to install lighttpd?
Will it replace apache or install lighttpd side-by-side?

Thanks in advance,

I just figured out that I have to install


which is linux+lighttpd+sqlite+php


Ah jep, perhaps a bid confusing:
AUTO_SETUP_WEB_SERVER_INDEX=-2 leads to Lighttpd being installed, if you select a software title that needs a webserver, but no webserver is installed yet.
Since via AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=75 you install a webserver, AUTO_SETUP_WEB_SERVER_INDEX will be without effect.

So the alternative would have been to select the final software you want to use (e.g. ownCloud via AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=47) and then set AUTO_SETUP_WEB_SERVER_INDEX=0 to let dietpi-software automatically chose Apache for you. But either works with no difference :wink:.

Got it, thanks!
Maybe this information schould be added to the comments in the dietpi.txt by default.