SOLVED - cant copy to dietpi

Having intermittent problems copying file(s) to my ditepi server V139 | RPi 2 Model B (armv7l)

MY PC OS = Mint Linux

My RPi is setup using a netcloudbox with 1Tb disk - just DIETPI as the OS.

Setup with SAMBA as the file server, Syncthing works every time, but drag and drop has problems. Samba is used for several PC’s and android phones for file transferring/sharing/backup.

Most of the time D&D works but other times I get the error
“Error while copying “2016-12-19-21:03:11.mp3”.
There was an error copying the file into smb://fred/dietpi/audio
No such file or directory”

This happens with files or directories/folders full or empty, BUT, some files will copy no problem; while others wont!
I’ve checked permissions on a file that wont copy and one that will and they seem the same both are mp3 files and about the same size.

Any thoughts?


OK had a little time over Xmas, and found a hint via W7 which said that the filename was too long. However it appears that DietPi doesn’t like more than one colon (:slight_smile: in the file name. After renaming to remove the spurious colons allows linux and windows to copy the files correctly.
Thanks for your suggestions Fourdee hope this helps anyone with a similar problem.


I have a hunch it may be due to Syncthing and max open file limit.

Try increasing the open file limit with:

echo -e "fs.inotify.max_user_watches=204800" | tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf

Then reboot system and test.

Failing that, here are a few things i’d suggest checking/testing:

  • After replicating the error, check the Samba server log files for any clues.
  • See if you experience the same issue using a Windows Client, if so, possible network is being temporarily dropped? check dmesg for any kernel errors with:
dmesg | grep eth0