[SOLVED] Bluetooth Pairing on the Zero W

Has anyone been successful in getting a bluetooth keyboard paired with their Zero W yet? I’m in the bluetooth terminal, initiate a scan, find my keyboard, pair with it and it says pairing successful and then immediately not connected to the same. Any known working guides that I can step through?

It almost seems like the Pi Zero is hearing the keyboard fine but not vice versa. The reason I say this is I remove the pair using remove 20:… then make the keyboard become discoverable. Right away the pi sees it and I type pair 20:… Shortly after, it says [agent] PIN code: ######. I type those same six digits on the keyboard and hit enter on the keyboard and my pi shows messages like [CHG] Device Modalias some UUIDS but the BT keyboard keeps blinking its discoverable light like it never got a response from anyone.

derp, fixed the issue. I just needed to then issue a connect 20:… command. I have my BT keyboard and mouse connected to my Pi0W now and it is connected to my wireless router. That is $5 worth of progress compared to my Pi0!