[Software] WiringPi

Hi FourDee,

I have a good Software suggestion for DietPi.


It is basically a competitor to RPi.GPIO

WiringPi has a command line utility called ‘gpio’. This makes it possible to control GPIO pins from the command line. Read about it here

Generally WiringPi has a lot more features available, SPI/I2C, Gert board etc.

and it’s more newbie friendly because the code looks a lot like Arduino Code.


Excellent suggestion Zombie +1. I’ve created a ticket for this requested and I will take a look when I can:

Available as a DietPi-Software optimized installation for v103.


Can’t wait for v103. Hope this update arrives soon.

Everything is done, planned for tomorrow :slight_smile:

No Update :frowning:

Maybe tommorow?

v103 is available now. :slight_smile: It was released about 1 hour ago.


oops! I just kept refreshing the version history page in the Forum. Didn’t check via the command itself.

Thanks for the update :smiley:

No worries.
As well as providing hosting for DietPi.com and moderating these forums, Pilovali keeps the version history on this forum updated in his free time. Its up there now https://dietpi.com/forum/t/v103/214/1 :slight_smile: .

If I might suggest - wiringPI only works for the PI - whereas WiringOP works for the likes of OrangePI - it does need some customisation for the likes of the FriendlyArm units and currently the pin numbers are wrong on all but the OrangePi - modifying with a parameter to set up what hardware is in use would make this INCREDIBLY useful as it has the GPIO tool which can be used by a non-root user - and hence by Node-Red EXEC node. I am running a NEO right now and I have a led flashing on and off using this - I cannot however figure out how to get the I2c running - I suspect something is missing. Not everyone wants to build music centres and so access to hardware as easy as it is on the real Pi would be a godsend.

Hi Pete,

I’ll take a look at getting this compiled. But, we will need end users to test as I have no skills in soldering and GPIO in general. Programmer != engineer, in my case anyway lol :slight_smile:

I’ve created a Git Ticket here, will try and take a look tomorrow, but i’ll let you know when its ready for testing: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/563.