Software Suggestion: SoftEther VPN

I’m using it on Armbian right now and it’s rather sweet (the management interface even works under WINE 1.6) on my Mate-PC which is nice. :smiley:

It’s a really neat VPN solution, fast, efficient and highly compliant.


I personally like it as well, but …

How intriguing! :slight_smile:

I’ve found the opposite. After struggling with OpenVPN, I found Softether very comfortable indeed.

HOWEVER… it might be that mine is configured and managed remotely from another machine. I’m using WINE on Ubutun Mate 16.04 and it runs without incident. The clients are all Windows boxes so there’s no real issues there.The fact that it also comes with a “No-ip” system is useful too.

As others have said, I found it a bit of a sod to configure on a Linux client though.