[Software Suggestion] Resolution & GPU Memory in DietPi.txt

I’m working on a streamlined automatic deployment. Although I’ve worked around this it would be helpful to have the resolution and GPU memory settings in the DietPi.txt. For now, I’m doing the following in the script I’m fetching with AUTO_SETUP_CUSTOM_SCRIPT_EXEC:

sed -i 's/^framebuffer_width=.*/framebuffer_width=1920/' /DietPi/config.txt
sed -i 's/^framebuffer_height=.*/framebuffer_height=1080/' /DietPi/config.txt
sed -i 's/^gpu_mem_256=.*/gpu_mem_256=128/' /DietPi/config.txt
sed -i 's/^gpu_mem_512=.*/gpu_mem_512=256/' /DietPi/config.txt
sed -i 's/^gpu_mem_1024=.*/gpu_mem_1024=512/' /DietPi/config.txt

I’m happy to work on that and contribute the patch. Do you have a contributors guide or is it pretty much a matter of cloning the repo, adding the code, and submitting a pull-request?

Thanks for your hard work on DietPi! I really dig it and will be donating later this week.