[Software Suggestion] Domoticz


I’m really liking DietPi- so much quicker than the standard images!

I’ve recently been using a Home Automation package called Domoticz (http://domoticz.com/) which works really well with the Raspberry Pi. They supply an image for the Raspberry Pi, but it doesn’t seem to be as up to date or fast as DietPi.

Could Domoticz be added to the DietPi software list?

I’m going to try and build Domoticz myself on a DietPi image but my Linux skills are Newbie level only really. Be great if it could become an optional add on install for the Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:



Note for FourDee: https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/Linux

Great suggestion and thanks for the link Pilovali.

I’ve created a Git Ticket for this request: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/129

That sounds great guys!

I’m looking forward to seeing Domoticz on Diet Pi!

I’ve also noticed that Domoticz has Apple Homekit support which is pretty cool. The links for this is https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/Homekit_Siri. That make be a really nice addition too.



Also the person that writes theses line is a great supporter of Domoticz! :smiley:
Please add Domoticz as part of Diet-pi.

+1 for domoticz included in the software pack.


+1 for me too.
I think many Domoticz users wil switch to Dietpi when this is included.


Forget my previous post. Since upgrading DietPi is impossible I think it’s better to move to a distro with a some more reliable lifetime.
A domotica system should be updated regularly and not reinstalled with all troubles it comes with.
It was nice while it lasts…


I assume you fel asleep on your keyboard while typing this?.
If not, I would kindly explain why DietPi is not suitable for the requested application I previously mentioned.

Just seemed the wind was taken out of your sails

Yes, please explain further…

Well, first of all I do not want to make this into a negative thread. All the voluntiers deserve credit for all the good work. I can understand why (some) people are happy with DietPi. I was too until version 6 came.

What really stops me from using DietPi is the ease of which the developpers tell you to do a fresh install and there is no upgrade possible. I have some DietPi installations on remote locations which are not updatable anymore and are physically unreachable for some time. On the first occasion I will switch to a distro with a longer expected lifetime than DietPi.

Since I made a +1 to add Domoticz to DietPi I think it is fair to tell why for me it doesn’t work anymore.

Again, I do not want to be negative but on the other hand would like to tell why I think the current policy of DietPi is not suitable for reliable systems.

To FourDee:

you closed the requested recently on Github:

Marking all software requests as closed. Once interest peaks, we’ll reopen once work starts

but I hope you can reconsider :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your great work!

The only fresh install I’ve ever had to do of DietPi was from 1.59 to 6.x, otherwise it has always easily upgraded with each release. Perhaps you’ve missed the memo, see below. Sometimes a bit of progress requires a little bit of extra effort.


No, I didn’t miss the memo. In fact that underlines my opinion. Many users are unhappy of the absence of an upgrade. Ditching a -1 version within a few days and not even taking the time to get rid of the damn Xmas tree in a “non manual intervention by the user manner” shows the lack of empathy by the devs. How good these coding guys are, without this kind of empathy large companies (including our one) will never hire them.

That said, I still do not want to be negative. If you like this way of releasing software, please keep using and supporting DietPi.

And then many users realize that, hey, it’s free software and get over it with a fresh install of the latest and greatest.

I, for one, am very thankful that an excellent piece of software like DietPi is even available.

Keep up the excellent work Fourdee and team. Domoticz will prove to be yet another tasty DietPi ingredient.

No need to get over it and don’t tell me what to do. If you have read my posts, for all of my remote locations I’m forced to visit the location and replace DietPi with a distro with a more reliable expected lifetime. Evidently I would not have chosen DietPi if reinstalling is the only way to upgrade (my bad). I even don’t understand why the devs call it an upgrade.

As said before I don’t want to be negative and there is nothing wrong with DietPi but it’s not suitable for me anymore. That’s all.

I just installed dietpi for the first time on my rpi 3, and have some problems!

  1. I need this os for running domoticz.
    I read that domoticz is part of the default software that you can select, but i cant fnd it…

So i installed domoticz manually in /home/root/ by
sudo curl -L install.domoticz.com | sudo bash

and choosed for port 82 and folder home\root

But no domotic on :82

  1. i installed chromium and choosed to start this by boot-up
    no chromium …at bootup

This thread has gone a bit off-topic…
Back to the original question… any chance to see Domoticz implemented?
Many thanks!

I have made a mini tutorial here

Still +1 for adding domoticz in dietpi software selection.