Software Suggestion: Bukkit/Spigot (Minecraft Server)

This requires Oracle Java JRE-7 or JRE 8 which I guess is probably more practical.

Spigot (!?) was a request from my youngest daughter who plays Minecraft (something which is lost on me but very popular I’m told). There’s some issue with the “binaries” meaning you have to compile the byte code yourself (if I read that right) but I did it on a PC and for once, Java worked as advertised!

I’m running it on an OrangePI PC which is pretty nasty and gets fairly hot on stock Armbian so clearly I need to do some work capping the processor at a more modest level.

All that said, people are running small (and, therefore, very low-cost) private Minecraft servers using Spigot on these efficient little boards and it’s a huge saving over dedicating a comparable PC. The electricity saving alone is probably worthwhile (not to mention the saving it earache from the wife if you park some dusty old P3 next to the TV) and the little people get brownie points from mom/dad making their own server.

I wish we’d had these when I was a lad. We we still using stone tablets and we couldn’t even spell it. :rofl:

Hi Marc,

Excellent suggestion, i’ve created a ticket for this request: This intrigues me, so I will take a look after v119 is finished and released.

I remember having Lego + Technics when I was a young. Like most kids, we dreamed of having a massive and endless box of Lego. Now adays, kids get a unlimited supply of Lego, which they can blow up in Minecraft lol.

Endless Lego. What a wonderful analogy! :slight_smile:

My Lego-obsessed friend will be heading my way soon then.

Thanks for considering it - I’m really enjoying DietPi - it introduced me to MiniDLNA (for instance) which has made my music library more cost effective to manage (I only have to leave a RPi A running with a hard drive and I’m good!)

ADDITIONAL: Cuberite vs. Spigot

I’ve just tried Cuberite ( which is 1.8/1.9 compatible server - written in C++ - on the OrangePI PC under Armbian. The authors suggest it’s not ready for the big time on the Minecraft 1.9 release and that we should use 1.8 instead. Plugins are via LUA so, predictably, the ones for Spigot don’t work.

The major upside is that it’s way more efficient. I downloaded and compiled mine from a single-line provided by the devs - took a hour perhaps - case of YMMV of course.

I find the Java-based servers are clunky and load the processor unnecessarily - the price of software running software. Even JIT still creates an overhead.

Cuberite, from early tests, isn’t really taxing the ARM when the server is “idle” and even under load, it’s performing far better if the CPU temperature is any guide.

I’m going to step out on a limb and say that ARM-development boards aren’t going to replace full-blown multi-CPU servers any time soon ( :smiley: ) but for the sort of jobs we ask of DietPI, one of these seems a neat solution for (dad, in my case) to get some serious brownie points with my kids. I just have to figure out what the hell is going on! :open_mouth:

C++, got my vote :wink:

I’ll try and offer both Cuberite and Spigot, but yes, when compared to C++, Java is a waste of the worlds energy resources :open_mouth:

You’re da man! :slight_smile:

I’m still astonished that the Minecraft client requires Java… Still, it’s not my software so what do I know.

Spigot is a shade more “compatible” (there are others like Forge too) but they are all written in Java and may not even be “clean room”.

I’ve been running Cuberite for a week now for my nipper and her buddies and apart from one hiccup (which was almost certainly my bodge) it’s been pleasant and stable - not to mention easy on the SOC!

Being written in a properly compiled language (cough, cough) gives it a massive edge for what you’re doing and I would heartily encourage anyone wishing to experiment to give it a go.

Extensions for Cuberite are written in Lua which makes a nice change too.

Personal option: Its because its easier to work with, works on pretty much any device and is more relaxed with coding “mistakes” (compared to c++). Not to mention theres a Java library for everything.

I’ve been running Cuberite for a week now for my nipper and her buddies and apart from one hiccup (which was almost certainly my bodge) it’s been pleasant and stable - not to mention easy on the SOC!

I just finished the Cuberite install code for v120. Just needs some testing, let me know if your available for this and i’ll walk you through it.

I’ll take a look at Bukkit/Spigot next.