Software Requests:mount cloud drive such as google drive

DietPi-Backup is a program that allows you to Backup and Restore your DietPi system.If you have broken your system, or want to reset your system to an earlier date, this can all be done with DietPi-Backup. Simply choose a location where you want to save and restore your backups from, then, select Backup or Restore.

If Dietpi can integrated DietPi-Backup to backup dietpi system then sync to google drive (Local + redundant@Cloud) that will be awesome.

ocamlfuse is a good option and seen like support google multiple accounts to store user private data.

ocamlfuse refer to:

Have you set up ocamlfuse on your DietPi install?

I have had no success in setting up ocamlfuse by using the install guides on their wiki.

Isn’t it somehow possible to mount google drive to your local machine? So you can simply use the mount point (one of it’s sub dirs) as dietpi-backup target.

Or does rsync support transfer to google drive in general? If so we plan to allow using rsyncs network transfer capabilities in dietpi-backup, which then would solve this request as well.

For mounting online storage systems like gdrive and onedrive I would recommend the rclone.
It’s, by far, the best software for that purpose and with some scripts develoment you can achieve a lot with it.
At this moment I’m using it mounting my gdrive along with sonarr and at midnight I run a script to sync my 3tb external drive attached to my pi into my gdrive accounts. And it also supports encryption for your information (but this can be hard to use if you want to share with someone).
Take a look on their website.

One little hint: For UNIX system backups, the target file system needs to support UNIX permissions. Otherwise you would recover a broken system. So this needs to be assured first.