Software for sync diffrent folders w/ Windows PC


I was wondering if there is a linux prog which I can install on my raspberry with dietpi which can auto sync different folders with a Windows PC and an USB-Stick at my raspberry?

In such a way:

  1. Raspberry realizes that a change within a folder of the PC happend.
  2. Raspberry syncs this to an mounted USB-Stick.
  3. Raspberry syncs another PC (Notebook) with the change if the PC (Notbook) is up or comes up.

Is this possible? Best without installing software at the PC. Or is there just an software with client-software? I want to sync multiple folders such as documents, Images, …



easiest way to share documents between different computer would using a network/Samba share. This way your documents located centrally and can be accessed from all devices.


thank you, but the question remains: Is there a Server available for DietPi which can handle an auto-sync between the raspberry/files at the USB-Stick and all my Windows devices?

Kind regars

easiest way, especially as you don’t like to install software on windows, is to use a SAMBA share. This way you can store your data on your USB device centrally and your data will become available for all your devices.

However there are 2 software packages available on DietPi allowing to synchronize files and folder. Both require a client software on your Windows system