software caldav server baikal outdated alternative radicale

Hello, everybody,

the dietpi software contains the cald/dav server baikal for synching calendars and address books.

Unfortunately baikal has not been further developed for some years:

Therefore I would suggest to use another cal/dav server.

A good alternative to baikal is radicale which is very fast and lightweight:


Thanks for considering my request.

maybe you don’t know, you can use nextcloud, it has an integrated caldav (of course it’s not an lightweight alternative)

Thanks for your suggestions - yes I know there is a adressbook and calendar in owncloud/nextcloud.

Many people just want a lightweight, fast and reliable cal/dav synch for our devices. And here baikal/radicale is the way to go.

You can run owncloud/nextcloud on raspberry - but its overkill and waste of ressources…

to baikal:
if I look at his blog he stil release updates for baikal, last one depends on php7, for me it looks secure enough. I know everyone has his own preferences, but do we need an alternative?

Baikal is a Cal and CardDAV server, based on sabre/dav. The sabre/dav and the other projects are developed by fruux. Baikal was developed by Jérôme Schneider from Net Gusto and fruux. So sabre /dav is improved and in development and Baikal is on hold and not under active development.

AGAIK Baikal has been taken over by developers. As you can see, it is now under sabre-io owner and actively developed on GitHub:
At least commits and releases are done, three from beginning of this year.

No reason to not have a look at radicale as well, but for me indeed Baikal looks re-activated :wink:.