Smooth update to DietPi v7.2.3: Thanks

Michael, Joulinar and all others involved.

I succesfully updated my RPi Zero W and NanoPi NEO2 to latest version (v7.2.3). No issues, everything went smoothly.
Thanks again for your great commitment, hard work and excellent product: DietPi keeps rocking!


thx for sharing :slight_smile:

I am running Dietpi 7.2.3 on a Windows Hyper-v instance (gateway/wireguard/firewall/reverse proxy), on Rpi 3B (pihole/DNS server), and on RPi 4B (nextcloud server), without issues. Works great!

Also like to express my thanks. Had a smooth update on a RPi3. Was a bit worried about the Bitwarden_rs migration (name change to Vaultwarden), but no such issues.

The only thing I’m wondering was the whitelisting added to PiHole. I’ve disabled it, but perhaps this should be optional for the privacy conscious?

Whitelisting “” in Pi-hole, which is used by dietpi-banner and dietpi-vpn to obtain your public IP and location…

Yes that’s correct. Unfortunately there was a need to switch the service we use to determine WAN IP and Geo Location. This information we use on dietpi-banner and dietpi-vpn. The old service was not reliable anymore and for the time being we go with as new service provider now. During our test we discover that most of these IP detection services are blacklisted on nearly all adblocker. Therefore we decided to whitelist it on PiHole. As we don’t want hide this, we print a notification on update/install and reinstall. AS well we place a comment inside PiHole whitelist. It’s totally fine to remove the whitelist entry if you don’t use WAN IP on dietpi-banner or dietpi-vpn.