Slow speedtest

Hi! I am new to all of this so go easy on me :slight_smile:

I recently installed DietPi on my Raspberry PI 4gb model and I use it as a NAS and download client. My ISP internet speed is 750/25 which I can reach with my Macbook Pro and other devices quite easily (about 716/25). But if I do a speedtest with my Rp it gives me around half of the speed:

root@DietPi:~# speedtest --simple
Ping: 12.172 ms
Download: 398.19 Mbit/s
Upload: 25.59 Mbit/s

And using QBittorrent I am never able to reach speeds higher than about 35MB/s. Is this a normal speed or what? I am connected with ethernet cable and ethtool shows 1000Mb and full dubplex

Maybe I will just test a different OS.

dietpi is nothing more than debian with some scripts on top.
The RPi4 can reach multigigabit throughput without stress. You need to explain more in detail the conditions of the measuring. Are you connected by cable or wifi to the router?
Which hard drive are you using for the torrents and how is it connected to the RPi?

Case: Argon 40 M2
SSD: WD RED 2tb m2 ssd
Internet: ethernet
I moved rootFS to the ssd at first installation.

The problem is now solved and it was due to the power supply. I had it connected to a macbook pro charger but after running dmesg it signaled for Under Voltage. I bought the official RPi 4 power supply and now my speeds are where they should be:

I have overclocked the Pi to 1900 (last step in the dietpi tool software) and use two fans to cool down. Seems like there are no more problems.

Testing download speed…
Download: 626.56 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 24.45 Mbit/s

indeed under-voltage could be a pain. Good you found it.