Slow SAMBA transfers. Odroid XU4. + FIX

Hi everyone.

I have Dietpi runnin on an Odroid Xu4 using an SD, and using a SATA III HD for my music, pictures, videos; and an external box using a couple of HDs in RAID 05 to backup my personal data.

I had this setup with Open Media Vault but I tryed DIETPI and I found a better system for my needs.

My problem was, my SAMBA shares were very slow compared with the speed transfer I had with the same hardware and Open Media Vault.

Finally I found the problem which I share in case someone else it is having the same problem.

My transfer speed using the USB 3.0 port with my HDDs, in OMV reached 45MB/s, and a constant rate of around 30-35MB/s; in DIETPI this figure dropped to 15MB/s.

The problem was the buffer in smb.conf

this line


if you remove last part and let it that way


You will get the max speed back again.

Hope it can help.

The solution I found in Odroid hardkernel forum by the user “infinity85”.

Best regards.

P.S. I was using wifi connection, but I also tryed wired and had the same speeds.


many thanks for sharing the solution. pls can you share the link to the original post. Maybe it’s helpful if someone else would like to read it.

Next to that I would like to move your post to the Community Tutorials section if you agree.

You are very wellcome.

Of course here you have the link:

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You can move the post as you mention, the credits goes to the other guy in the other forum, but maybe more people can upgrade his machines with the tip.

Best regards.

hello, i have been reading all your solutions, but its very confusing, since im new to the raspberry pi stuff. aparently to fix the problem you should change a line of code within the samba program, would yall mind explaining in a little more detail what i need to do, it would be much apreciated. thanks


the line would need to be changed on SAMBA config file (/etc/samba/smb.conf) and not on the samba program :wink: