Hello guys,

I am using a windows-pc with 2 big screen (16:9) tv’s to show a continuous slide show (information monitors in a school/entrance). On one monitor there is a powerpoint (saved as a wmv) running (in vlc) and on the other monitor it shows the school website (information page) in chrome (kiosk mode)

I am wondering if i can replace the pc by 2 SBC’s running dietpi. (one for each monitor) Would a pi3 be strong enough to run an X and vlc? I am thinking about a cronjob that will check every 5 minutes if there’s a new file on a certain share and then stop the slideshow, replace the old file, and restart the slideshow.

Any tips/idea’s/advice on this matter would be much appreciated ! :smiley:

ps: i know that there are sbc’s with software that i can buy that can do this, but then we would have to pay a montly fee.