Sleep and wake my Dietpi server

Hello, last days my wife complains that my miniPC with DietpiOS generate too much noise in the night. Is there an easy way to make it sleep and wake up in the morning?
I find that way rtcwake -m mem -s ......(seconds).
It’s OK?

Just give it a try. DietPi is a Debian operating system. Therefore thinks should work same way.

Some other option

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Thanks. I will try that.

Do You think is OK like that?:

dietpi@dietpi-laptop:~$ crontab -e

0 1 * * * sudo rtcwake -m no -l -t "$(date -d 'today 06:00:00' '+%s')"

I want to set to sleep everyday at 1:00 and wake up at 6:00.

just give it a try. It might be needed to use full path for rtcwake tool and probably better to use root user crontab.

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