Simplification (and splitting / modularization) of dietpi-software script

I was wondering if there is the chance that dietpi-software script could be simplified and made modular.
While i can understand that

  1. dietpi is dietpi because is a “monolithic” solution
  2. all in one file is needed for the dependencies

sometime, is necessary to workaround some limitations and/ or make some tweaks.
While DietPi is my distro of choice for the RPI, sometime i need something more personalized (so i tweek) to my needs.

One example is NEXTCLOUD, which i prefer to setup on different ways: Postgres (now available also in 15), without Redis and other “SOHO” environments’ needs, and limiting the PHO cache.

This is just one of the examples.
Other could be to freeze the PiHole to the rel I WANT, in order to have the STABILITY that Debian offers (and so DietPi).

thank for your time

Creating a software or image request, pls use GitHub

There people have the possibility to vote on your request :wink: