Sierra Wireless MC7304 Diet Pi and Airvantage

Hello fellow dieters,

I am currently trying and failing miserably to get Sierra Wireless’ AirVantage Agent working on DietPi.

Some background info - AirVantage allows us to interrogate the modem/module over the air, run firmware updates, swap sims etc (further light reading here )

The setup is Rpi Zero W, USB carrier to MC7304. Internet connectivity is perfect, no issue there.

I’ve tried cross compiling the Airvantage drivers on a ubuntu machine with no luck.

I have some precompiled binaries for the drivers however every time i try to install or run these I appear to be chasing my tail missing dependencies.

I’ve attempted compiling a linux kernel inside diet pi (seems to be defeating the purpose really), still no luck.

Next step for me seems to be install raspbian just to get this working, however the real end goal is to have this functioning on diet pi.

Any pointers? This is the first time I’ve worked with DietPi so be gentle :slight_smile: