Sickrage update fails on Dietpi 6.16

I have Dietpi 6.16 on a Raspberry Pi Zero that’s running Sickrage and Transmission. Yes it’s a bit slow, but it does work :slight_smile:

However, I’d noticed that the update function of Sickrage never did anything. Clicking “check for updates” on the web interface would cause it to pause for a bit, and then display the menu again.

I recently realised it was because GIT tools weren’t installed, so I did this via the dietpi-software menus.

Clicking Sickrage web-interface “check for updates” now took much longer, and told me it couldn’t determine what version I was running, but I could download the latest, which I let it do. It then sat there spinning “waiting for sickrage to restart”. It never did. Eventually, I shutdown and rebooted the Pi.

Sickrage would no longer start.

I fiddled about for some time, then gave up and rolled back to a previous backup using dietpi-backup to restore it. This worked well (thank you!) and it’s all good again, although I’m now back to sickrage being unable to update itself.

To get to the point :

Should an installation of sickrage automatically install git tools as well?
Should I even be trying to update sickrage itself from it’s own menus, or should I let dietpi software do that when it’s deemed reliable?

Because I’ve rolled back I don’t think I’ve got any useful logs to submit, but I am curious as to the above questions.

Many thanks

DietPi won’t update SickRage for you - you have to do it through its own update system or with git commands.

Possibly easier than trying to fix what you have - you may want to look at Medusa, a fork of SickRage which is being actively developed and offers a lot more. You’ll need to install manually but this link makes it all easy:


Jep issue is known and fixed with v6.17:

Much was changed with Sickrage, so it’s hard to apply all needed changes to a v6.16 system manually. I you want to test it via beta, we would appreciate.