Should i enable ssh on a headless or it's alredy on?

Hi there. In standard Raspbian i need to add a ssh file to the /boot partition. Is this needed in DietPi?

I do know i have to setup the user and pass in the config file, but dont know if the ssh service is actually enabled as default.


Hi GAZ082,

no DietPi comes by default with Dropbear (lightweight SSH server) preinstalled. You can adjust this (choose OpenSSH, if somehow needed) within /boot/dietpi.txt, the pre-configuration file on FAT partition, thus can be opened/edited from Windows desktops.

So just flash the SD, configure dietpi.txt if/as needed, plug and power your Pi, and wait for some minute. On first power on, DietPi will do some initial tasks, expanding file system, doing adjustments according to dietpi.txt, reboot and then you can SSH.

In case read the “Getting started” instructions:

You can also change it to OpenSSH after the OS is installed and you can log in thru SSH, dropbear does not support SCP so you can’t push/pull files from the dietpi with dropbear (it’s how I side load my gcode files for octoprint)

On a headless machine you have to have some way to control the system, ssh either thru dropbear or OpenSSH is the best way