Shairport on several RPIs issue

Seems after v138 there is issue if in the same network Shairport is runnng on several RPIs. Until v137 I didn’t observe this strange behavior.

I have in the same network three Raspberry PIs with the Shairport installed.
When each of RPIs is booted separate and alone, then AirPlay nicely see each of them and play.
When several RPIs are booted concurrently, then only the first who started is visible, the rest are not available.

I have given individual names in Shairport confit on each of Raspberry PIs, but it somehow feels that all of them are registering with some similar number, and therefore there is conflict.

Please help.


Hi Janis,

Might also be worth changing the host names on each device, to make those unique also:
dietpi-config > Security Options > Change Hostname
Then reboot

If problems persist, which client/app are you using to stream the music?

Thank you! That fixed the issue!
Might be to not have such issue for other users, makes sense to synchronize Hostname defined in DietPi-config to the name used in the Shairport configuration file? Or at least document this?


Hi Janis,

Excellent, good to hear :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the online docs with this info, under Multiple devices:.