Shairport Issue on OrangePi PC

After hearing the good news of the easy coexistence of Squeezelite and Shairport-Sync since v138, I have immediately updated my OPiPC installation of DietPi to v138 but I only obtained the strange result that even though shairport-sync is running I can’t detect the OPiPC when I scan for AirPort compatible devices.
I can detect it as a DLNA player (thanks to the “Squeeze” combo) but it seems like Shairport is not working.
Any help?


Few things to try:

Well, this is pretty funny.
I got back to work this morning (the Opi PC I’ve been talking about is at my office) and I’ve found Shairport magically working.
And I’ve done absolutely nothing. :open_mouth:

Dam those Single-board computer fairy’s! lol :smiley:

I sometimes think my SBC’s are possessed! :smiley:

Me and you both lol :slight_smile:

I reopen this thread to ask… Is there anyone out there who managed to make Shairport-sync work alongside Squeezebox/LMS/Squeezelite?
When I try to stream to the Pi with my phone (using the AirAudio app) it works for a few seconds, and then start stuttering badly.

Should be fine, all those programs drop ALSA stream when inactive.

Sounds like an issue with bandwidth or ALSA underruns/overflows.

When the issue occurs, have a quick look in dmesg (ignore everything above [12.xxxxxx]) for any issues reported for sound.

Also, check the shairport service and logs:

systemctl status shairport-sync.service -l

Not 100% on log location, check /var/log/shair*

I think it’s a problem with shairport-sync for the fact that if I stream from the phone to the OPi via DLNA (since LMS can receive DLNA streams) it works perfectly.
It’s when I try to switch to the airport protocol that it starts stuttering.
I’ll investigate using the above instructions and report back ASAP. Thanks.

I confess: I gave up on shairport-sync. I managed to get the result I wanted (stream Spotify to the Pi) by installing AirAudio on my android phone and setting it to stream the phone audio to the DLNA server Squeezebox provides, and when set to stream in mp3 format it works like a charm.