Shairport and iPhone

Apologies if this is not a suitable place to post this but google isn’t coming to my aid here at all.

I have Shairport running on 2 RPi both with different names.

They work perfectly from my iPad but whilst they show up as options on my iPhone and can be selected, once anything is selected to play they revert back to iPhone output.

iOS 10 on all devices.

Is there something simple I’m missing?



Just wondering if anyone else has the same issue?


Hi John,

Unfortunately, I lack any iPhone/iPad devices and experience with those devices (Android user), so unable to test/debug at my end. Apologies, wish I could assist :frowning:

Its also worth noting that ShairPort-Sync emulates AirPlay, and, Its not “officially” supported by Apple (as far as i’am aware). Either way, recommend updating firmware on iPhone if its available.

Hopefully one of our users can pick this up who has an iPhone.

Thanks Dan,

Rather embarrassingly all that was needed was an iOS update. I had presumed that being on iOS 10 would be enough. Never presume!


Hi John,

Excellent, great to hear its now working and thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: