Setup error

I am new to the world of Pi and have been trying to install Diet Pi on my RPi Zero W.

Everything went well, but I receive an error when trying to install a desktop (at least I think it is the desktop… Picture taken directly from monitor with my phone.

Failed to fetch
500 Internal Server Error [IP: 80]

Any guidance for this noob on how to proceed? Will be leaving the setup just as it is at this point while waiting for some info.

Issue is with the Raspbian package server pool. Looks like the you got assigned a pool server not working correctly. Could wait and hope it will be fixed. Or that you got assigned a different pool server. Managing the Raspbian package server pool is out of our scope.


I will have to wait and see if it gets fixed as this is a stock standard install using the latest release of DietPi.

as stated above, we use global Raspbian repository pool. We don’t have any influence to which local mirror server you get redirected at the end.

But it looks like today it’s working. At least I can open the url