Setting up UEFI image from Mac or Linux

Greetings - I’d like to install DietPi on a NUC, i.e. 64-bit with UEFI.

The installation instructions mention that there is a way to create a USB stick (or SD, or CD) which is based on Rufus, a Windows application.

Is there a way to do this via a Mac or a RasPi? I couldn’t immediately tell from the install page. Am asking because BalenaEtcher (which I do have) is mentioned as not always being reliable for UEFI images.


Update - Since this image is a 660 MB ISO, I went for the old-fashioned way: burn bit-by-bit to CD and boot from it. It boots, I get the green DietPi image, select a large-font install, and then … “No disk image found in /home/partimag”. Indeed, when I drop to the shell I can see that the directory exists and is empty. But now I’m lost … do I loopback-mount some file on the CD?

Update 2 - Solved. Burning with BalenaEtcher on Mac to a 4G USB stick works! Now the install proceeds and copies to internal SSD.