Setting up external HDD

Hi there,

I’m so so new to this it hurts. A lot.

I’ve just about set up sonarr/radaar Plex etc, but am struggling with know how to set up my external drive so that it has a a folder for TV Shows and a folder for Movies, and then know how to point Sonarr etc to them.

Any handy guides out there? Spent forever searching these forums and web but not come up with anything. I’m accessing the Pi via SSH

Massive thanks

OK, so I’ve got the drive mounted and it looks like it remounts after the Pi reboots (would be nice to rename the drive to something more memorable than the somewhat random string of characters - but at this stage that’s a nice to have)

Just need to know how I tell SABnzbd/Sonarr/Radarr to place the downloaded files on this disk

Thanks in advance - I know it must be something very simple!

using dietpi-drive_manager you could name the mount point as you like. There is no restriction except it need to be located in /mnt. Simply give your name during the mount dialog. As well using dietpi-drive_manager you could move /mnt/dietpi_userdata/ onto the HDD. This way your downloads should go on it.

Thanks again for your help Joulinar

How do I create new ‘folders’ within that drive?

Just need to work out how to get my downloads to land in the right place now :stuck_out_tongue:

as usual on every Linux system, using mkdir command. Something like this mkdir /mnt/HDD/folder. Or you use the folder structure available on /mnt/dietpi_userdata/

That’s superb. Thank you very much.

Nearly there. Just ned to wort our why Radarr is having issues with the path I’ve given it for the Download… but I guess that’s a different forum :slight_smile:

is there an error message on radarr?

All sorted now… well, Sonarr seems to gave stopped working/crashed and I can’t remember the command to check if it’s running OK. Thikn it had ‘service’ in it somewhere.

Also need to know how to ‘Quit’ and ‘Open’ any given application.

Huge huge thanks for your help thus far. Steep learning curve. Couldn’t have got things up and running without this community… awesome :sunglasses:

Think I screwed up here. Thought I’d fix the problem with Sonarr browser page not connecting by uninstalling and reinstalling Sonarr.

It did solve the problem, but it deleted all the corresponding media files!

So how does one quit/force quit an application and restart it?


So how does one quit/force quit an application and restart it?

You mean how to start/stop a service?

DietPi is using systemd to control and manage services

Basic commands are

systemctl status sonarr #show the actual status
systemctl start sonarr #start a service
systemctl stop sonarr #stop a service
systemctl restart sonarr #restart a service

Usually you can use tab key to complete service name

Brilliant. Saved to my list of commands.

Many thanks