Setting up DietPi on an Odroid C2 with Node-RED, openHAB2 and Velbus

Hello everyone

As part of the series of videos I’m creating to help everyone with their Velbus setup, I have created a video that very briefly touches on all the points needed to get an Odroid C2 SBC up and running with DietPI, Node-RED, openHAB2, VelServ and Velbus binding.

If you choose a different SBC, I think the principles remain the same if you choose DietPi as your Debian OS flavor.

I have found that DietPi is the easiest OS I have setup on any machine so wish to offer a massive thank you to everyone that has had a hand in creating this work of art.

I have a tiny issue with getting audio out of Chromium while it is in Kiosk mode, but that might just as well be an issue with openHAB2.
This can be covered in another thread.

I welcome your feedback on this video and hope to do more to promote the excellent work done here.

Many thanks,

thx for sharing the video, much appreciated the time and effort you have spend to create it.