Setting up Diet Pi for my Raspbery Pi Zero 2W

Hi, I recently got my Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, its running the Raspberry Pi Lite OS and it works fine.

I do not use any additional external hardware to interact with the Pi, I’ve set it up such that it automatically connects to my wifi network and I connect to the Pi through ssh on my PC.

I am interested to have DietPi run on my Pi — and I only require a basic terminal interaction. I would like to ask, if such setup is possible?

Also, I heard that DietPi has a GUI setup at the beginning. I do not want a GUI nor a desktop environment, I want to be directly jumped to the terminal. (GUI free experience like Raspberry Pi Lite OS).

Are the images by default bundled with GUI libraries / files? (I just do not any GUI stuff)

Thanks in advance,
Kumaraswamy B G

Yes, this would be our default. We don’t ship any additional software except the core system and the SSH server to be able to login.

This is not correct. We don’t have a gui. It’s just some whiptail menus to configure the base system. But this can be done as well fully automated and without user interaction.

Best is to have a look into our online docs, setup section.

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Can confirm, works great on PiZero. I am running it on a Zero W 1st gen and it runs just fine.

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