Setting audio to come out 3.5mm not HDMI

OK - I am running on a rasp b3+ a distro called “PiMiga”, basically an amiga emulator built around DietPi. I’ve got it hooked to a computer monitor via hdmi but the monitor does not have built in speakers so I want the audio to come out the 3.5mm jack. According to people on the webs if I click “Quit” on the emulator it should exit to the shell where I could then run the configuration program to change this. Unfortunately, it just exits the emulator and quits everything, aka black screen, there is no way for me to get to a shell.

Soo… I burned a copy of dietpi to flash, booted that and then attached a memory card reader with my “PiMiga” card inserted and I can browse all the files, etc. Is there a configuration file somewhere that I can just edit so that when that system auto starts it is already configured to send audio out the 3.5mm jack? I’m stuck, any help would be appreciated.