Select the installed Kodi-Version


I am using Kodi with a SQL-Database. To run it without trouble, it is necessary, that all Kodi-clients connected to the database have the same Version. This is currently Kodi 15.2.
With the setup of my Odroid C2, I installed Kodi via launcher. This installed Kodi 16.1, which works fine.
However, to watch TV via SAT>IP, I use TVH headend and the TVheadend addon client for Live TV.
When I migrated my Addons from 15.2 to 16.1, Kodi notified me, that the TVheadend addon is not working with Kodi 16, therefore no Live TV possible. :frowning:
Until the addon is compatible, I would like to install Kodi 15.2 on my C2. Is there a way to do this?
Or does anybody know how to install a working PVR-Addon within Kodi 16, what works with a TVHeadend server?


A couple of ideas - if you use Emby-Server and not MySQL as your backend database your Kodis do not all need to be the same version. Doing it this way has other advantages such as per-user watched status.

The other idea is to use an older version of Libreelec if you need to run an older version of Kodi.


LibreELEC is not an option, as I also run Squeezebox server on the C2.
Not sure about emby. Is that the tool, where I need a login to sync all my Movies, etc. over the cloud? Or is it possible to use it without cloud sync? Then it would be an option.

I prefer a local installation only. If I need to connect to my Kodi I use a VPN connection.

With Emby you need an account to get it going but once done not a requirement it all works locally, cloud-sync not needed. It’s on the DietPi install menu. I have it working well on XU4 but it wasn’t stable on Pi3 - not sure why.

The free version does all you need for a Kodi backend database and you can also stream to a web browser at home or remotely and maintain your watched status. Loads of features.