Seeding/uploading torrents?


Do any of the download programmes for DietPi allow me to create torrents to seed/uploading my files over Bitttorrent? I have tried qBittorrent and Deluge so far but they do not seem to do it.


All BitTorrent clients can also seed, but it might take a while until seeding peers do connect, when the inbound port is not forwarded. You can speed this up by forwarding the related port (6881 by default) from your router.

Note that, if you use a VPN, port forwarding is not supported by most VPN providers, so in this case forwarding the port from the router has no effect since it is not done from the VPN server in the first place.

Thanks, but I am still not clear.

Windows qBittorrent has “Torrent Creator” under tools menu, but I cannot find this tool on DietPi qBittorrent. Is it necessary to create the torrent file on Windows qBittorrent, then upload this to the DietPi qBittorrent (so once DietPi qBittorrent has downloaded required file, it can be left to seed and desktop can be switched off?)

DietPi is using qbittorrent-nox from Debian apt package repository. It’s not an own DietPi version. It’s the official one. Probably something to check with qbittorrent guys If there is something missing. Maybe it’s not available via the version available on Debian apt package?

What is the version number you have on Windows?

With rTorrent You can create torrents.

Also you can create torrent files from login to SSH and use mktorrent, transmission-create.

Thanks for clarifying, I’ll follow that up.

I’m running v.4.2.5 on Windows.

Great, thank you, I have just installed rTorrent and it looks straight forward.

the available version on Debian is v4.1.5. Not sure if this will make a difference.

I left the question on qbittorrent forum a few days ago but have not had a response. rtorrent does the job though, so thanks again for that, @KamikazeePL and all