Seedhost access

Is there any ftp program with web interface which will allow me to login to seedhost and download data’s to my external hard drive connected on rpi3? My rpi3 is on Dietpi image (Debian) and doesnt have GUI.

If you have a Windows machine WinSCP is good.


Yes, that’s a way how I now work. Download from seedbox via PC computer and then transfer it on external drive on raspberry. I want to kick out pc and direct download from seedbox via my raspberry

Syncthing will do this nicely assuming it is available at the seedbox end.


Does the seedbox support SFTP as well? Elegant would be an sshfs mount then:
So all files are available, the accessed files are transferred on demand. Currently not sure if there is a feature to always (or on demand) create a local copy for offline access, otherwise a cronjob/systemd timer could do such for required files, or e.g. when a file (timestamp) changed and such.

Another fs type we need to integrate into DietPi-Drive_Manager :roll_eyes:.