Searching fo a Perfect SBC for home server


I’m looking for a great/better successor for my home network all in one single board computer, because now i have a raspberry pi 3 with an external usb3 hdd, an IR-sensor, Tv connected through HDMI, and wired internet connection (up to 1gbit/s).

Why i feel this Raspberry to be weak ? The answer is: Samba speed is very limited because of very well known bandwith weakness.

I ask you all, for a better successor singleboardcomputer :slight_smile:

I think it’s necessary for the suitable answer to tell You, what programs I use on my raspberry. So here is the list:
-OpenVPN -Kodi -SAMBA -LXDE -Real VNC -Shairport Sync -MiniDLNA -Transmission -qBittorrent -Fail2Ban -NoIP -OpenSSH

I’m simpathizing with Odroid XU4 because of usb3, and the 80-90 Mb/s samba speed on the manufactor’s site. But the heating problem make me feel nervous of it.

Thanks for You’re answer. :slight_smile:

I have XU4 cloudshell, 2x Odroid C2, Pi3, Banana Pi M1, Orange Pi zero. For your purposes the XU4 is ideal. The C2 is worth considering for its hardware x265 decoding and 4K video if you need this.

My XU4 gets hot, I don’t worry about it, it runs day and night and is reliable.


It’s a great news ! :slight_smile:
Maybe if I attach a low speed driven, but always on fan, I can keep it cool.
Now my raspberry pi 3 also got a fan witch is always on (12V pc cooler, under volted to 3 V ), and it’s running so cold 30-38 C°, and i love it in this way! :slight_smile:

If you’re getting the cloudshell (which I’d recommend) you’ll need better than the stock PSU. I got a laptop style 6A PSU from ebay - works fine but you may need more power if attaching a lot of drives - I have a 120 GB SSD and 16 GB USB flash as my big files are on a QNAP. Usual running temp is around 58 C but I’ve seen it at 93. You can throttle the CPU if this worries you.


Can you answer for me an other question?
Odroid XU4 media player capabilities are good enough in comparison with a raspberry pi 3 ?
I mean it like does it play fullhd mkv, or simple xvid? On a fullhd tv screen of course.

I checked Orange pi plus 2. And that is also seems to be quite good for my purposes. It has sata and it offers hardware decoding for movies, and it’s an other point but also a bit cheaper.
What about that ?
Or should I choose XU4 ?

The 2 most important part for me in a single board computer is the data transfer speed, and the media player capabilities. :slight_smile:

We currently do not support GPU features for OPi boards on our images, only the following:

  • Odroids (all)
  • Raspberry Pi (all)

The 2 most important part for me in a single board computer is the data transfer speed, and the media player capabilities.

As John mentioned, the XU4 is great for NAS. The C2 is quite possibly the best Kodi player SBC on the market currently.

Personally, if you are planning to watch movies on this device, get a C2, covers you for all codecs (h265). USB 2.0 drive performance is “reasonable” at up to 40MB/s transfer rates (similar to RPi speeds, but more bandwidth as C2 has dedicated LAN chip, instead of USB LAN).

Just be sure to get yourself a EMMC with the C2 or XU4. Its like giving your device a SSD upgrade, faster boot times, install times, Kodi library scan and update times etc etc. The 128GB EMMC has 140MB/s read and write, however, any EMMC will blow your mind, different league to RPi.

Ok then I again prefer Odroid XU4.

But I really want one device for every task (NAS & Kodi ). We know that XU4 perfect NAS, is it good at usual video formats playing in kodi ? For example 1080p mkv, and SD quality xvid/mp4 ?
Beacause I like the XU4 super fast data speed :slight_smile: and don’t want to buy 2 device, just one but perfect one ! :smiley:

XU4 does run Kodi but I haven’t done so for several months - when I did it worked great for video but audio pass through lacked a bit. This may have been fixed. If funds and space permit the XU4 is a great server and the C2 a great media player - tie them together with Emby as a Kodi backend database server running on the XU4 and you’ve got the best combo of all IMHO. The C2 can play 1080p x265 files smoothly that the Pi3 couldn’t look at.