Seafile support planned ?

Hallo all

is it planned to support Seafile in the future ?

I use it for long time on different systems (X86 Server, Cubietruck, Raspberry Pi) and It has much more performance with file synchronizing than Owncloud


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Yes, we will begin work on adding Seafile shortly for v119, you can track our progress: Issues · Fourdee/DietPi · GitHub

good news :slight_smile:

Hello, did You abandon Seafile project in Dietpi?

as far as I can see, it never has been implemented as the software request is open still

Hi Joulinar thanks for answer.
it’s a pity because I installed via docker-compose and have problem with my Nginx Proxy Manager to work. I see on feathub it has not many votes but it works very fast and stable on local network. I will love to change it for my Nextcloud. If You have time and will to help that is my Seafile post on forum:
and that is similar post:
but solution don’t fit to my needs because I don’t have /opt/Seafile/... folder. When I change that path in seafile.nginx.conf my Seafile also don’t work on local IP.

honestly, something you would need to check with Seafile guys on what needs to be changed inside Seafile container to allow sub path.

Thanks, I ask on Seafile forum but it’s hard to get help there.

Any advance? I was using Seafile with RPI a long time ago with this config…Raspberry Pi: Owncloud-Alternative Seafile Server installieren › Jan Karres

Seafile is much faster than owncloud…

I finded this github repository for arm v7 GitHub - CodeCutterUK/seafile-docker-pi: A Docker image for Seafile server targeting ARMv7 & Raspberry PI
maybe can help…

In general we don’t plan to offer Docker images as installation options.

That would be a nice addition