Scripts for automated Media Center

Thought I’d share my scripts for automated download/moving/cleanup and subtitles download.
Using a Odroid C1 and dietpi.

The software used asside from dietpi is:
Flexget (w/deluge)

Maybe someone can get ideas or use the scripts themselves :smiley:
!Happy easter!

Hi Lasy,

Thank you for sharing. Will take a look at your scripts, should come in very handy :slight_smile:

Some feedback (if your after it? :slight_smile:):
I would suggest adding a little description to each script so the user knows exactly what its for and what it does. I do this in DietPi (for my own benefit mainly, but also helps other users looking at the script), its good practice. Also, there is nothing worse than going through old code when you dont know what it originally was for. Trust me i’ve been there myself lol.

Example: DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-backup at master · Fourdee/DietPi · GitHub