Script on ramdisk, advice?

I integrated a python script to read ambient temperature and humidity and display it via RpiMonitor (see

As the script executes every 2’, I want it to run from a tmpfs ramdisk location to improve system performance and SD wear. I was thinking cron running it from /run , but I wonder what’s the best strategy to copy the .py script in there at boot time.
Any suggestions / best practices? Thx, Wolf

PS: BTW, the script produces a txt file to be parsed by RpiMonitor, I pushed it to /var as this is also a tmpfs location.


Its the last script to run at the end of boot. So cp the python script from there.

How is the python script started? Might need to run the cp earlier.

Thanks Fourdee. The script is run via cron every 2’ (crontab entry). I don’t mind if the first run fails due the script not copied yet, so I’ll try this approach. Thx again!