Script for Root-Installation to NAND, SATA & USB

Hey Fourdee,

maybe this is one interesting little thing you might to check for the DietPi-System:

How to install to NAND, SATA & USB? (You have to scroll a little to find that part in the documentation.)

The Armbian-Distro uses a little script to move all the content of the root-path / to an USB-Drive, so that the SD-Card is only used to boot the system. Everything else an after uses the USB-Drive.

Maybe you can check the distro and “reengineer” the script for DietPi.

I think a lot of your users are looking forward for such a solution.

Greets, mike175de

Hi mike,

here is the source of the script:
But the focus is on Allwinner based ARM devices.

It’s not so easy to get it on work for so many different devices like RPi A, RPi B, RPi B+, RPi 2, RPi 3, Odroid C0, C1, C1+, C2, XU3/XU4, OrangePI PC, Pine A64, …

Where are as well some other solution for special devices like RPi - but it’s need Python (powered by framp)

or as shell script: - powered by framp form

But if your really need or want it, feel free and create a ticket on:
So developers can have a look and it will be in focus.

I just detected there is still need for even the Python version got much more functionality. I added the latest version I have to github. Please use this one instead of the attached version in the zip file. In addition feel free to fork and create pull requests :wink:

Hi framp,

many thanks to put your bash script on github.

Yes correct, your bash script is old and the new python script has more much more functionality.

Shell version of raspiSD2USB is old and is not maintained any more. Please use the Python version if possible

Only reason for linking it here is that no Python is installed on DietPi per default. Sorry, will delete the old zip file now.

Thanks to be appreciation and your supply.


Hi k-plan,

That’s what I thought immediately when I read your post, then grabbed the latest shell code version on my local git and published it on github. I don’t maintain the shell code any more but it seems to be useful for DietPi. Volunteers can fork and enhance the script and at the end create a pull request so I can merge the new code. Maybe somebody adds the additional function of the Python version which is missing to the script :roll_eyes: In particular the support for multiple disks with GPT is useful.

…Sorry, will delete the old zip file now…

Great. That way everybody will use the latest (maybe enhanced) shell version.

Cu framp