Screen flashing RGBW after seting up Chrome boot

HI all,

I am trying to make a small kisok like device for home assistant using an RPi3 A and a 3rd part DSI touchscreen (5Inch Mini IPS USB Monitor Touchscreen Game Display Screen for Raspberry Pi 4 B+ 6973692163367 | eBay)

All goes well until I install Chromium, set it to run on boot and then restart the machine. As it starts all the usual text goes scrolling by, the screen goes blank (I assume as it is trying to load Chrome) and then the screen flashes red, green, blue, white in sequence (I assume because it is not getting a valid signal?)

I SSH’s into the machine and reset the machine to boot to command line but the same thing happens. Next I uninstalled chrome and X11, rebooted but same :frowning:

I tried ArmV8 with the Pi3, I also tried ArmV7 with a Pi2B which the same results.

Not sure what I am missing or what I can’t change/play with settings wise