Samba, Samba and again Samba

I claim that 99% of all men playing arround with a Raspi do that for their own pleasure. In some cases family fathers built some nice features for their family.

The idea is to offer (via menu) -beside the raw installation of Samba- a small menu ( I offer to work on that) , which enables user to have something like a small NAS, based on DietPi. The name of this feature is clear: DietPi-NAS… very simple and thought for all those who don´t want to mess arround with smb.conf
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Would be awesome! Waiting for a working release…very cool!

In fact I would be proud to support this wonderful DietPi Project.

I can write (in Prosa) a concept/requirements etc… which can be discussed here or else where. When - and this is the point there is a minimal chance that this “project” might be realized.

Why do I fight for that?

The requirements are minimal → less effort
I guess for real SAMBA freaks it’s half an afternoon to built a good smb.conf
another day it might need to make the menu work

All in all it’s very less effort and a maximum of advantage.

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Just an idea from my side: probably an option to include this into our Dashboard. Benefit would be to avoid an additional web frontend. Downside, it would need to be developed as part of the Dashboard (written in Rust)

@MichaIng @ravenclaw900 your thoughts?

Some ideas could be taken from (fat and bigsized) webmin.

From OP I do understand the aim is a console tool to manage the Samba server. I’d then, especially when it’s called “NAS” and not “Samba” something, add support for all network file servers: NFS and FTP. Bonus would be SFTP, i.e. install an SFTP server and a dedicated upload/download user per share which is chrooted into the directory for secure access from remote SFTP clients (like WinSCP) and remote SSHFS mounts.

You guys interpret it as web interface? Then I agree that it would be best to add it to DietPi-Dashboard, before we have two dedicated web interfaces.

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Indeed, that was my thought. Probably you’re right with your assumption of a CLI based option. Maybe @KarlExler could share more details on his idea and how it should be setup :wink:

Here are my first thoughts. The intention I aready wrote i my first message.

A very very simple interface for configuring Samba… And YES, of course: at the end we do have a small NAS.

1)In the Interface you can define up to three directories for sharing
2)all rights are allways recursive

  1. by default all devices from the local LAN/WLAN have all rights to all directories below that one, which has been defined in the first step
  2. There are no differentiations like this user my only read, and that one may read write and the thord one may execute but only in one directory.

with other words: what you can see in your browser you can fully use. And not only you, but everone who can see it. Even a VLC Player on a FireTV-Stick .

Very primitve, very simple but I am sure with that setting >90% of all needs can be fullfilled.
Happy Sunday

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Main questions is, should this be a web interface or done on CLI?

I think this interface is so mini… If you want to promote your new Webinterface better there. Otherwise in the really well done “old fashioned” menu.

A fine function would be a “so called” repair check box. Every time a new setting is saved DiePi makes a copy of that anywhere… If the user later frickles arround in smb.conf and destroys something the original can be resettet by using the back up file .

For those guys who are afraid to work in the terminal… :wink:

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One focus could be to manage Samba shares in a most secure option (-> hardening, securing your system).
The same for NFS etc.: Guiding the user to a more secure option and give him hints how to check “sub-steps” of the procedure would be veeery nice.

Like that idea.

Greetings to Vienna.

I think this is a great idea.

I am newbie to the Linux command line, servers, and DietPi. I am trying to learn how to use DietPi as a basic home server. I want to share files within my own home network, not over the internet. Editing Samba config files with the command line is way above my skill level, and probably more than I want to learn. Some sort of text console interface with simple options would be great, so would adding it to the DietPi-Dashboard. I can usually fumble my way though some form of GUI a lot easier than trying to recall terminal commands which I last used months ago.

I would love to help but I do not know anything about software development. I could do some testing though. I am using DietPi on native PC (UEFI) x86_64 .




There are a few NAS server disto’s, but they are not DietPi…

Truthfully a docker image with SAMBA and some sort of very light webserver setup for configuration would be an incredible option since it should be able to run on any distro…

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